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What are you thinking about, tumblr?

What are you thinking about, tumblr?

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I’m simultaneously “stealth” cosplaying as poorly undercover Dick and Superboy, Conner.
Why are people dressed all the way? It’s crazy!

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"Whatever my future holds, I hope it includes you."

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Figured out I can work on a few different holds on these bars!

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Still not where I wish I were. I’ll deal. Didn’t get my fat percent down enough. Learning to accept that as something I can do better in the present and future.

Definition still easier to see. Lost 10+ lbs in a month and a half. Improvement is improvement. Gotta do more core exercises now.

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my friends want me to be pretty.

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My face came in.

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Amaretto coffee chocolate gelato shake.

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Omg I can see my Adonis belt again. YAAAAY